Forest Mushrooms

Forest mushrooms make up a large part of our product selection. We buy the mushrooms from private sellers in our area and, if needed, from wholesalers within Finland.

The mushrooms are lightly salted (4%) and vacuum packed and they are especially useful in catering; we guarantee that they are quick and easy to use!

We offer:
-     Northern milk cap (lactarius trivialis) (in cubes)
-     Cep (boletus edulis)
-     Chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius)
-     False morel/turban fungus ( gyromitra esculenta)
-     The horn of plenty ( craterellus cornucopioides)
-     Funnel shaped chanterelle (cantharellus tubaeformis)

We also have various forest mushroom mixes available, which are very useful for salads, pasta dishes and much more.

Dried forest mushrooms are also available.