Retail Products

Our retail products include a range of: juices, jams, forest mushrooms, berry powders and more.

Jams and Jellies

Our fructose sweetened jams are:

-Black curran
-Forest fruits

All of our jams have a high berry content and as little sugar as possible. We use only whole berries. Cloudberry jam is available with sucrose in 280g jars. All of the fructose sweetened jams are available in 425g jars. 
The jams are shipped to retailers with 8 jars per package.

We offer the following jellies:

-Black currant

They are shipped with 8 jars in a package which are 280g each.


Juices and Syrups

Our company produces 100% unsweetened juices and also fructose sweetened syrups.  Our most popular juice and syrup products are: Cranberry syrup and juice as well as seabuckthorn juice.

In juices we carry:


The syrups are available in the following variations:

-Lingon berry

All juices are made from fresh Nordic berries. They are shipped to retailers in packages of 12 half liter (0.5L) bottles.



One sip of our ILO-Drinks let you taste the purity and freshness of Finnish nature! They are incredibly refreshing and fruity. The ILO-Drinks are great for quenching your thirst and will bring you a taste of Finnish summer on even the coldest of days. The ILO-Drinks are made from fresh berries and with their wonderful, fruit-filled taste and creative design they are great to enjoy at any restaurant, bistro, deli or café. The ILO-Drinks come in three tasty Nordic

-Cranberry (sweetened)
-Blueberry-raspberry (sweetened)
-Finnish apple (unsweetened)

They are available to retailers in packages of 12x200ml.


Forest Mushrooms

For retailers we pack forest mushrooms in salt brine (4%) in vacuum packed containers with 150-250g net weight.
We offer the following varieties:

-Northern milk cap (lactarius trivialis) (in cubes)
-Cep (boletus edulis)
-Chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius)
-False morel/turban fungus (gyromitra esculenta)
-The horn of plenty (craterellus cornucopioides)
-Funnel shaped chanterelle (cantharellus tubaeformis)

For retailers they are shipped in packages of 10x150-250g (net weight). Dried forest mushrooms are also available.


Berry Powders

The berry powders are a very popular product in the Finnish market.  We dry and grind the berries very carefully so that none of the vitamin content is lost in the process. They are great for baking or for putting in yogurts and cereals.  Our available berry powders are:

-Black currant

For retailers they are available in 75g bags.


Dried Cranberries

Kaskein Marja Oy imports Canadian dried cranberries,sweetened with cane sugar or apple juice (useful for diabetics).  The berries can be eaten straight from the bag or also taste great in cereals and yogurts. They can also
be used in baking, just like raisins.

They are available in 150g bags and we ship them to retailers in packs of 12.


Other Products

Are you looking for a unique company gift? Ask us about our seasonal gift packages and offers! For our special and foreign customers we also offer private labeling or labels in a different language. To learn more please contact us at: